Sally the Professional Waterskier

Person w/ Interesting or weird job: Sally the Professional Waterskier

PLACE: Antartica

SCENT: Tropical, Fruitty, Icy

COLOR: Purple, Orange, Yellow

Sally the professional water skier was recovering from a tumble that she took last week in the Northern Tampa Bay Semi Divisional Waterskiing Invitational or  NTBSDWI.  She sat on the purple couch in the sunroom of her home.  Her broken leg rested on the matching purple ottoman that was just as ugly as the couch.  As she flipped through the channels on television a snowy scene caught her attention.  The discovery channel was doing a documentary on Antarctica.  “The Penguins and the sea lions all looked so unhappy” she thought.  But the icy terrain reminded her of the get well soon blender that she was graciously given by her fans.  She hobbled over to the fridge and brought out a bunch of orange and yellow fruit. .  Bananas pineapple, mango and tangerines were all diced and put into the mixture.  She watched as the typhoon of color circled around and around as a tropical fruity smell wafted through the air.  She couldn’t help thinking about the accident.  It was groundhogs day, which she thought, would be good luck.  Her team, The Florida Groundhogs was competing in the second round of the competition.  She was on the bottom right hand corner of the 10-person pyramid.  It was a simple routine that consisted of a row of four water-skiers at the base of the pyramid. The pyramid was topped by their mascot, berry the groundhog.  It was all going smoothly until the unthinkable happened.  Berry leapt from the hands of the skier on top and fell onto the rope that was pulling the team.  Sally, out of fear, dropped the rope and the whole pyramid came down in a splash.  Water was everywhere.  She was surrounded by the splashing waves from her 9 other teammates.  BEEP her smoothie was done.  She went back to the couch with the icy drink.  She sat down dissipated to find that the documentary had already ended.

The Florida Groundhogs


3 thoughts on “Sally the Professional Waterskier

  1. This is so funny. I can’t stop laughing from reading your story. I remember doing this in class and it was kind of like Mad Libs in a way. You still manage to be such a good writer despite the awkward assignment and I really enjoyed reading this!

  2. Great story, Andrew! I love the traumatic flashback, it functions well in your story to tie all the elements together. I like how you give clear, specific details to bring the story to life, like naming the water skiing team and the tournament. The story is equal parts humors and tragic, which I love. Also, I love the layout of your blog. It’s very cheery!

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