Pickle (Grand Finale!)

After visiting the museum of art and seeing Amélie I immediately knew what I wanted to do for my final project.  A fluxus inspired video of course!  To help me with this grand enterprise, Margot, Rebecca and me decided to do collaboration.  Rebecca and I would spend the next few weeks collecting video for our masterpiece while Margot would perfect her viola skills in order to tie the whole work of art together.

We collected moments in time to later sew together.  All of these seemingly random clips fit perfectly together into a montage that even Robert Wilson would be proud of.  Most of the clips were then converted to black and white to add coherency to the piece.  However we put in very few transitions to keep that on edge feeling that is found in any surrealist film.  Overall we tried to leave the audience questioning what would happen next.

As well as converting most of it to black and white we also added congruity through using similar scenes.  A foosball bouncing around on a table was later followed by an actual on person playing a game of foosball.  The matzo on the drinking fountain gave rise to the breaking of the matzo and eventually to vacuuming it up.  Margo appeared multiple times playing her viola and the clock appeared several times throughout the film as well.

We also all included ourselves in the video, just as Dali could be found acting in Un Chien Andalou.  I was standing on a table, Rebecca was on a couch and Margot was playing her viola like a cello.

In terms of acting, Rebecca stole the show.  She was an amazing actress so we just let her do what she did best.  I filmed and edited and Margot provided the soundtrack.  Overall the final product was better than I could have dreamed and dare I say it… OSCAR!!


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