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Shotty Dali


Crest Lake

Rumor has it the old man still wanders around in his handmade rowboat, endlessly drifting through Crest Lake. Looking for his wife, he is endlessly unsatisfied. The rest of the underpopulated town knows his wife’s fate and what became of her fragile body that humid August day. and to some extent, the old man know, too. But to jolt his aged, wondering memory would do no good. So thats how it went, and he continued peacefully, not knowing. Then one day he received a letter, and the nostalgia overwhelmed him. The return address was familiar, as was the handwriting and the perfume sprayed.


The first thing that stood out to me was the paper folding “game” that we had played earlier in the year. Surrealists would write one word and fold the paper until they got a complete sentence. This reflects the complete freedom from the constraints of rules that surrealists felt. This freedom is not only shown in sentence structure but also in the words them selves. It is said in the essay that surrealists would make up new meanings for words and even create new words altogether. This lack of constraints can be seen in the work of Salvador Dali. Physical laws and natural constants did not hinder Dali’s work. Through this new way of looking at the world, Dali was able to convey emotions and feelings that are seldom felt in ordinary life.

It reminds me of a Disney Movie that Dali made (yeah I know Disney and Dali!):


My collage is a question of consumerism. It depicts a city created out of cut out brand names with an ominous cloud of pictures of poverty and worry in the sky. Is consumerism good or bad? that is for the viewer to decide. Do you see a shining city or inequality?


Its Official!  Ive stopped dreaming!  Well I probably have not stopped, but i have at least stopped remembering my dreams.  Its been weird.  Maybe it because a lot of the dreams that i have are caused by stress and for the last few weeks I’ve been worry free.  No midterms (at least no i have to study for)  and spring break only a week away has put a halt on my dreaming process.  Im hoping that soon I will begin to remember those nice happy care free dreams.  But until then, my dream journal lies blank next to my bed and my mind free of worries.