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Surrealist Post #3 (Common themes of Surrealist Art)

There are many common features between surrealist artists and painters.  These include familiar objects that have been slightly changed, mysterious objects, and optical illusions.

familiar objects that have been slightly changed

René Margritte painted a picture of boots that changed into feet once they reach the ground.  At first glance, this pair of boots appears ordinary but it soon changes into something strangely “surreal.”

-mysterious objects

Two more paintings by René Margritte depict mysterious objects.  In “son of Man,” Margritte painted an apple over a mans face.  In “Not to be Reproduced,” he painted a man looking to a mirror but we see only the back of his head.  (both in reality and in the reflection.

optical illusions

Salvador Dali also dabbled in optical illusions.  “Apparition of face, and fruit dish on a beach” can be interpreted as either a bowl of fruit, a lady’s face or even a dog.

Daylight Savings

Justify the Banishment

I bet it’s on a remote island somewhere.  Washed away with all the other cancelled hours, it becomes a stranger in a foreign world.  When we forget and forgive ourselves for that forgetfulness, we are signing a death warrant for that misfit hour.  Unnecessary, defeated and outcast, the omitted hour is banished on daylight savings.  I bet it’s with the others though and perhaps that company can provide some justification for the banishment.

                              – Matt Cunningham

I really liked the parody of forgive and forget which is why I chose he first line.  The second line strikes me as three particularly odd adjectives to describe an hour, but I liked it.  The last line was just sort of dramatic and it hit me in a good way.

-we forget and forgive ourselves for that forgetfulness

-Unnecessary, defeated and outcast

-justification for the banishment

The Grandfather Clock

Who did it? Who took it away?  What is their justification for the banishment of time.  Who are thy to play god with my phone?  But thank god for the wall clocks, the grandfather clocks, the wrist watches.  Without them, I may never have noticed that the hour was lost.  We forgive and forget ourselves for that forgetfulness.  BUT NO LONGER! I move the hands foreword on the big oak monument to time that stands forgotten in the corner of the room.  I move past minutes and time?  Where is it going? I feel defeat and outcast while the   fleeting seconds of my life go beyond my grasp.  My life passes before my eyes.

                 -Andrew Roth

We both talked about the missing hour, wondering what happened to it.  That was probably because of the wording that matts phrases he chose.  Also we both transformed time into a tangible object.  Something that could be lost, banished, or stolen.

Random Thoughts About the Lorax

Ilana’s blog post

My expectations for the Lorax were extremely high and thus, I was inevitably disappointed with the film. I was impressed with how closely the film followed the book, but I felt that the characters’ relationships were too rushed and not completely developed.  However the film was extremely colorful and the music was upbeat and uplifting.  The theme of the film was also well developed.  I like how it questioned what is at stake with consumerism and the effects that we have on nature.

In the film, the Lorax, named after the orange furry protector of the forest, chronicles the plight of the truffula trees by the evil once-ler.  The Once-ler cuts all of the truffle trees down and makes them into Thneeds (the most versatile object that you could ever own.  Once the last truffle tree hits the ground in put of pink leaves, the environment goes to hell and Thneedville has to resort to selling air because there is no clean air outside.  In the end, a Thneed seed id found and the Thneeds are repopulated.

However, the movie was suspenseful, entertaining, and well-casted. Much of Thneedville, the loran, the woods, and the Thneeds were how I pictured them. Despite the minor details left out, it seems that most fans of the book enjoyed the movie and I’ll be excited to see a “Lorax 2”


The Bureau of Surrealist Research

The endeavor that the Bureau of Surrealist Research at 15 Rue de Grenelle “gather all the information possible related to forms that might express the unconscious activity of the mind.”  What does that mean? Im not really sure, but i did not expect to.   The purpose of the bureau was to “unite all those who are interested in expression where thought is freed from any intellectual preoccupations; . . . all those who are closely or remotely concerned with surrealism will find all the information and documentation relative to the Mouvement surréaliste.”  It opened in 1924, days before the Surrealist Manifesto was published by Andre Breton.   The Bureau was the center of surrealism.  It was where they met and gained publicity for their movement.



The Persistence of Memory

The painting, made in 1931, can be seen in the Museum of Modern Art. The painting questions time and space and the “cosmic order” of the universe. Although Dali contradicts this saying that the clocks were not inspired by relativity but rather “The surrealist perception of camembert cheese melting in the sun.” The painting features 3 melting white clocks and an orange clock covered in ants (similar to the movie and a symbol for death) THe figure on the ground resembles a dream state in which the dreamer cannot pinpoint what the object is but they know that it is there.