Daylight Savings

Justify the Banishment

I bet it’s on a remote island somewhere.  Washed away with all the other cancelled hours, it becomes a stranger in a foreign world.  When we forget and forgive ourselves for that forgetfulness, we are signing a death warrant for that misfit hour.  Unnecessary, defeated and outcast, the omitted hour is banished on daylight savings.  I bet it’s with the others though and perhaps that company can provide some justification for the banishment.

                              – Matt Cunningham

I really liked the parody of forgive and forget which is why I chose he first line.  The second line strikes me as three particularly odd adjectives to describe an hour, but I liked it.  The last line was just sort of dramatic and it hit me in a good way.

-we forget and forgive ourselves for that forgetfulness

-Unnecessary, defeated and outcast

-justification for the banishment

The Grandfather Clock

Who did it? Who took it away?  What is their justification for the banishment of time.  Who are thy to play god with my phone?  But thank god for the wall clocks, the grandfather clocks, the wrist watches.  Without them, I may never have noticed that the hour was lost.  We forgive and forget ourselves for that forgetfulness.  BUT NO LONGER! I move the hands foreword on the big oak monument to time that stands forgotten in the corner of the room.  I move past minutes and time?  Where is it going? I feel defeat and outcast while the   fleeting seconds of my life go beyond my grasp.  My life passes before my eyes.

                 -Andrew Roth

We both talked about the missing hour, wondering what happened to it.  That was probably because of the wording that matts phrases he chose.  Also we both transformed time into a tangible object.  Something that could be lost, banished, or stolen.


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