Random Thoughts About the Lorax

Ilana’s blog post

My expectations for the Lorax were extremely high and thus, I was inevitably disappointed with the film. I was impressed with how closely the film followed the book, but I felt that the characters’ relationships were too rushed and not completely developed.  However the film was extremely colorful and the music was upbeat and uplifting.  The theme of the film was also well developed.  I like how it questioned what is at stake with consumerism and the effects that we have on nature.

In the film, the Lorax, named after the orange furry protector of the forest, chronicles the plight of the truffula trees by the evil once-ler.  The Once-ler cuts all of the truffle trees down and makes them into Thneeds (the most versatile object that you could ever own.  Once the last truffle tree hits the ground in put of pink leaves, the environment goes to hell and Thneedville has to resort to selling air because there is no clean air outside.  In the end, a Thneed seed id found and the Thneeds are repopulated.

However, the movie was suspenseful, entertaining, and well-casted. Much of Thneedville, the loran, the woods, and the Thneeds were how I pictured them. Despite the minor details left out, it seems that most fans of the book enjoyed the movie and I’ll be excited to see a “Lorax 2”



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