The first thing that stood out to me was the paper folding “game” that we had played earlier in the year. Surrealists would write one word and fold the paper until they got a complete sentence. This reflects the complete freedom from the constraints of rules that surrealists felt. This freedom is not only shown in sentence structure but also in the words them selves. It is said in the essay that surrealists would make up new meanings for words and even create new words altogether. This lack of constraints can be seen in the work of Salvador Dali. Physical laws and natural constants did not hinder Dali’s work. Through this new way of looking at the world, Dali was able to convey emotions and feelings that are seldom felt in ordinary life.

It reminds me of a Disney Movie that Dali made (yeah I know Disney and Dali!):



  1. I think its great that you are actively making connections between our class activities and assigned reading. I would agree that a few of our exorcises, including the paper folding, show traces of a surrealist influence. I also enjoyed the movie clip you posted because it helped to enhance your message. Although, I do not personally have the desire to watch any more of that foreign Disney film. It looked really weird! But it was still a helpful tool when conveying your point.

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