The State of the Dream Nation

It doesn’t cost a dime to dream, and in this economy free has never sounded better.  Well unless you count the $10 of NyQuill I bought for the cold that I have had the last few weeks.   These little green pills have caused some vivid and lucid dreaming.  most of these dreams have had to do with what I was doing right before to bed.  Whether it be the book I was reading before I drifted off or the Tv show that I had just finished, I found myself having dreams that somewhat corresponded to the hour before I went to fell asleep.


This has made me think more about my dreams.  It’s similar to when you look at something (like if you are shopping for something online and you see hundreds of choices) so many times that when you close your eyes you can still see it.  I think that by getting absorbed in something right before I go to sleep shapes what my mind subconsciously thinks about.


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