My collage is a question of consumerism. It depicts a city created out of cut out brand names with an ominous cloud of pictures of poverty and worry in the sky. Is consumerism good or bad? that is for the viewer to decide. Do you see a shining city or inequality?



Its Official!  Ive stopped dreaming!  Well I probably have not stopped, but i have at least stopped remembering my dreams.  Its been weird.  Maybe it because a lot of the dreams that i have are caused by stress and for the last few weeks I’ve been worry free.  No midterms (at least no i have to study for)  and spring break only a week away has put a halt on my dreaming process.  Im hoping that soon I will begin to remember those nice happy care free dreams.  But until then, my dream journal lies blank next to my bed and my mind free of worries.


I grew up with Awe, and he was always with me. As a child I found Awe in white puffy clouds, the noise of the street and the changing of the leaves.  I saw awe in the building that punctured the sky, in the dogs that ran through the park, and the kites that swayed in the breeze.  Awe was everywhere and with it, came questions; so many questions.  What is this? What is that? How does this work? What does that mean?  And with these questions came answers? They piled up in my head, but soon I realized Awe was all but gone.  I rarely see him today.  Have I stopped looking or was it really never there? Is awe ignorance? childish? All I now is I like having him around.

Sally the Professional Waterskier

Person w/ Interesting or weird job: Sally the Professional Waterskier

PLACE: Antartica

SCENT: Tropical, Fruitty, Icy

COLOR: Purple, Orange, Yellow

Sally the professional water skier was recovering from a tumble that she took last week in the Northern Tampa Bay Semi Divisional Waterskiing Invitational or  NTBSDWI.  She sat on the purple couch in the sunroom of her home.  Her broken leg rested on the matching purple ottoman that was just as ugly as the couch.  As she flipped through the channels on television a snowy scene caught her attention.  The discovery channel was doing a documentary on Antarctica.  “The Penguins and the sea lions all looked so unhappy” she thought.  But the icy terrain reminded her of the get well soon blender that she was graciously given by her fans.  She hobbled over to the fridge and brought out a bunch of orange and yellow fruit. .  Bananas pineapple, mango and tangerines were all diced and put into the mixture.  She watched as the typhoon of color circled around and around as a tropical fruity smell wafted through the air.  She couldn’t help thinking about the accident.  It was groundhogs day, which she thought, would be good luck.  Her team, The Florida Groundhogs was competing in the second round of the competition.  She was on the bottom right hand corner of the 10-person pyramid.  It was a simple routine that consisted of a row of four water-skiers at the base of the pyramid. The pyramid was topped by their mascot, berry the groundhog.  It was all going smoothly until the unthinkable happened.  Berry leapt from the hands of the skier on top and fell onto the rope that was pulling the team.  Sally, out of fear, dropped the rope and the whole pyramid came down in a splash.  Water was everywhere.  She was surrounded by the splashing waves from her 9 other teammates.  BEEP her smoothie was done.  She went back to the couch with the icy drink.  She sat down dissipated to find that the documentary had already ended.

The Florida Groundhogs

The Lost Thing (no dialogue)

He Called but nothing happened.  From Across what looked like a war zone there came no response.  There were drawers whose contents littered the ground. Books that were once rested neatly on the shelves now are toppled over.  But there was no sound.  The room lay dormant. He thought it must be dead.  It had to be.  If so, He would never find it.  He would never hear it.  It would never ring.


The State of the Dream Nation

It doesn’t cost a dime to dream, and in this economy free has never sounded better.  Well unless you count the $10 of NyQuill I bought for the cold that I have had the last few weeks.   These little green pills have caused some vivid and lucid dreaming.  most of these dreams have had to do with what I was doing right before to bed.  Whether it be the book I was reading before I drifted off or the Tv show that I had just finished, I found myself having dreams that somewhat corresponded to the hour before I went to fell asleep.


This has made me think more about my dreams.  It’s similar to when you look at something (like if you are shopping for something online and you see hundreds of choices) so many times that when you close your eyes you can still see it.  I think that by getting absorbed in something right before I go to sleep shapes what my mind subconsciously thinks about.