I used to be young

But young never lasts

I played in the park

But that too has past

Days spent running and swimming

All go by so fast

I used to be young

But young never lasts



Inception Post Movie

In the movie, the director made distinctions  between the dream world and the real world.  However this was not what caught my attention.  Because I have been taking architecture classes I couldn’t help noticing these undertones throughout the movie.  The scene that stander out most to me was the scene in the cafe where all of the objects started to explode.  This in architectural diagrams is called an exploded axon.  It is created by separating elements and translating them through space.  it allows us to see how things are created and put together.  Also, the scene where she creates the bridge out of a footprint is called an orthogonal diagram in which 2d elements are extended vertically to create an 3d image.

Inception Pre Movie

Although I have already seen the movie it was a long time ago.  I think that the movie will go into detail about the purpose of dreaming and the mechanics of dreams.  Maybe it will explain why I dream mostly about being places that I have been before.  Also I think it will try to explain the role of our sub conscious in dreaming.  Also I remember the movie explaining how we can derive inspiration from dreams  I hope watching this movie will help me understand questions that I have from my dream journal.

Dream Journal

Update Number 1:

Today was the first day that I had a dream I could remember.  When I woke up, I turned the alarm off on my phone and opened my “Notes” application because it was easy to access.  It was strange how much of my dream corresponded to my daily life.  I think that this is because I set my alarm for 7:30 and put it on snooze for a half an hour.  During this half an hour I had my dream.  It had to do with waking up and being late for class; Anthropology in the MLB.  however it was not in the MLB it was in a lecture hall next to my dorm room that looked just like auditorium 3 of the MLB.  I brought my pillow and a blanket but i realized I had forgot something so I had to run back to my room.


Update Number 2:

Most of my dreams have had to do with my daily life.  however i had one dream that had to do with Inception right after I watched it and one dream that had to do with a book i was reading.  I guess if I ever spend enough time doing something before I went to sleep, I have a dream about it.  The other thing that i find common in my dreams is working out daily problems.  This reminds me of Carl Jung’s theory of dreams.  He thought that “Dreams serve to guide the waking self to achieve wholeness and offer a solution to a problem you are facing in your waking life.”  Even if they don’t I must be dreaming about daily life because that is what is on my mind.

dada and masterpieces

What i found most interesting about the Dada movement was how dadaist condemned the masterpiece in art.  I have always thought that creating art meant that you wanted to create something different, ground breaking, unique and magnificent.  But in reality, Dada’s opposition to the glorification of art let to the creation of many works that hold these same characteristics and may even be called master pieces themselves.  I agree with DaDa that every generation should have its own identity, however I think that masterpieces have stood the test of time for a reason.  I believe that masterpieces have qualities that should be experienced by everyone and that is why they stand the test of time.  Whether you are looking at a da Vinci, a Van Gogh, or a Jackson Pollick, they all deserve to stand the test of time.